overly educated, highly specialized, and unapologetically unconventional.

i [sarah] am a multi-disciplinary designer based out of richmond, virginia. after receiving my bachelors degree at pratt institute [brooklyn, nyc], i spent nearly a decade slinging drinks, managing restaurants, and earning a high-level groupie card through gig posters, album art, and screen printing out of my garage. in pursuit of a more sustainable future, i returned to school for with the intention of applying two dimensional branding techniques to the three dimensional environment. the subsequent years i spent at vcu earning a masters degree in interior design left me with a renewed passion, expanded wheelhouse and a focus on the symbiotic relationship between design and the human experience.

currently, i'm in search of  further honing the interior architecture craft through on site experience via firm, contract, or mentorships while Re:Form lays the foundation for side projects in other creative pursuits and design-build adventures. I believe there is market for radical and bold designs and am excited to harness the opportunities this town has to offer.

the SIDE [side] project: creative socialism: in it's early stages of conception, creative socialism is the term i coined to describe my fiscal stance on collaborative projects—we all work to live: i want us to rise to the top together!—i propose to use this space as a profit-free rolodex of artists and designers, craftsman and tradespeople that i personally endorse and collaborate with, without competition. giving further credence to the ideology behind the spirit, i hope we are able to better serve our communities and individual projects when we band together, share ideas and